Pictured Books

pictures of books in picture books

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Red Nose Readers

Bear's Birthday

Bear’s Birthday by Allan Ahlberg and Colin McNaughton (Walker, 1985) is a little red book with three super-simple stories for new readers. The title story has the happy ending below (spoiler, sorry) where Bear is playing with his presents. The obsessive hunter of Pictured Books might spot that the book in the picture is another Red Nose Reader: Happy Worm.

Happy Worm

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The Best Mum

Best Mum (cover)

The Best Mum by Sarah Nash, illustrated by Pamela Venus (Tamarind, 2003) is a sweet and simple reminder of a parent’s many roles. Not quite self-referential in this case: as you can see, the library copy is a standard paperback whereas the pictured copy is a board book.

Best Mum (inside)