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The Great Grammar Book

Grammar Book cover

To my tastes, The Great Grammar Book by Jennie Maizels & Kate Petty (The Bodley Head, 1996) tries a little too hard to pretend that parts of speech are lots of fun. But if my daughter hadn’t been briefly captivated by the flaps to lift and tabs to pull in the packed pages, I wouldn’t have noticed the book appearing inside itself, and in an infinite regress at that:

Grammar Book closeup


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A Bed Of Your Own

“This is the story of Suzy Sue, ready for bed, just like you.” This is A Bed Of Your Own by Mij Kelly and Mary McQuillan (Hodder, 2011), their third story about Suzy Sue, and how tricky it can be to go to sleep – especially when your bed is full of animals.

A Bed Of Your Own (1) resized

“She tucked them up, and then she read a book about going to bed.” As you can see above from the next page, the book in Suzy Sue’s hands looks as if it too might have been illustrated by Mary McQuillan. Here’s the proof.

A Bed Of Your Own (2) resized