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Doctor (People Who Help Us)

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Doctor (People Who Help Us)

There are not enough books about doctors in the world to satisfy my daughter. In Doctor by Amanda Askew and Andrew Crowson (QED, 2009), kind Dr Amar is vaccinating Rory’s brother James, and James is reading Snip Snap Croc to distract him from the injection. Snip Snap Croc by Caroline Castle is a real book, also published by QED, also illustrated by Andrew Crowson.


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Clever Baby!

My daughter pulled this book (Clever Baby! First Shapes) off the shelf in a charity shop:

Clever Baby (cover)

Now I’ve got the habit of looking for books within books, I was primed for this inside:

Clever Baby (inside)

Yes, Clever Baby! First Words is one of the four square shapes in the playroom. Buy the set!

Where’s My Cow?

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Where's My Cow?

“This book is about reading a book, which turns into a different book”, says the blurb for Where’s My Cow by Terry Pratchett (Doubleday, 2005). Commander Sam Vimes reads to Young Sam: “The book was called Where’s My Cow? Young Sam loved the book. It was the most chewed book in the world.” (thanks to @steveroe)